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Learn how DMOs and EDOs can reduce friction and accelerate impact by working together!

In this On Demand Webinar, you'll meet two leaders from Nashville - Courtney Ross from the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and Deana Ivey from the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation - who work together regularly and have seen amazing results in the Nashville community as a result. Learn about how they collaborate and find new ways to connect with the partner in your neighborhood!

Hosted by Ben Wright of Community Systems and Guillermo Mazier of Atlas Advertising, this free webinar will demonstrate a successful DMO / EDO partnership and teach you how the community of Nashville has forged a collaboration that powers its continued healthy growth. 

Recorded: October 4, 2017


Courtney Ross

Chief Economic Development Officer, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce


Deana Ivey

Chief Marketing Officer, Nashville CVC


Ben Wright

CEO, Community Systems


Guillermo Mazier

CEO, Atlas Advertising